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Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Reason Why I Stopped Everything And Returned to Malaysia

I should explain to you all even as I did write about this once before - but because I have new readers now - that the reason I returned to Malaysia - a country I love but which doesn't hold my future ambitions - was because I was stalked for about 6 years by a lady in Australia.

It did not stop though the sicckening experience lightened somewhat while I travelled about and also when I lived in England. I chose to have a hedonistic time whenever I could but she also disrupted a lot of things in my life and this especially with relationships I was involved with at the time.

I returned when it all got too much and I needed to clear my head and my thoughts.

She's gone now but for a while a strange kind of fear remained. It was only when I was freed of that fear and relieved of my own sense of defeat that I knew it was time to go back to my old life, my once-upon-a-time-friends, and now if I can make enough money, for more travels. I mean, it feels a bit right now, like placing your foot gingerly into a pool of water, daring yourself for a swim. At least, I can stick my toe into the ripples now.

Just thought it was important you all knew the score. The whole effect was emotionally draining and also exhausting at the time but I survived it all and I don't remember its severity as I used to once before.


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