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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I, the happy vagabond.

Today, I woke up feeling fine. For the first time, I put on some lipstick, wore something nice and my beauty was visible, even to my own hidden eye; with something of which I experienced to be a slight shock.

Of late I have looked worried, nervous, irritable, pale and sometimes disillushioned. My smile then was often distorted, puzzling, damaged and subdued. Then the tranquility on my face too, was re-arranged by the somewhat temperamental pace of things.

This morning, I looked again the way I first did when I came to my friend's backpacker place. Composed, fulfilled, peaceful. I plan to leave Malaysia on the last week of May - my plans properly delayed by 2 weeks but never mind, at least I am alive, healthy, hopeful and once again, full of promise.

I want to be out of the country by June. I managed to eat a full meal in the morning, had a look at my suitcases, sorted out all my winter things and after a while, there grew in me, such an impatient desire to connect with the world, I had left behind 15 months ago. It was an emotion that tugged at my heartstrings with ferocity.

I thought about who I would write to say I was coming. Or maybe, I would call. The sounds of surprise and astonishment for instance... I haven't touched base for 15 months. That was a silent stirring moment for me. OK, friends, I'm so glad I at least, kept this blog going and with it, a focal point of communication. I didn't want to lose any of you. Expect proper colourful posts again. It is getting easier to write more each day.

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