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Thursday, 11 January 2007

A kind old thought & Happy Birthday dba Lehane

A Thought

When the world made a 2007 resolution to exercise more, did it include having sex more often? If so, did people want to have sex a lot more, realised they needed sex for a youthful life or is having sex this January with a lot more oomph and excitement and also essential thermometer attributes for a fertile regularity be considered far more monumental, then it was in 2006?

Alright, alright, I'll go to confession.

Happy Birthday, dba Lehane.

It's the birthday today, of one of my closest blogger friends, dba Lehane. He's a talented writer & a real whizz as I know personally from thinking up serial killer, dark comedy & sci-fic plots on his feet.
Do hurry and be published Lehane.
I'd rather read you in London this year than when I've become a harmless old lady, locked in a cottage with stray cats and a rerun episode of Midsomer Murders where wrinkly women with hot water bottles are being murdered in their beds.
Your book would possibly lie opened on a sofa - more from adoration than anything else - and I would be comforting myself with the rosary before I hear a knock on my door in the wee wee night. And on hobbling curiously to the window half-blind and half-witted, I bet the stranger in question would certainly be tall, dark & handsome but from his cat burglar suit and not as one would think. Tut! Tut! Your minds, children...your minds!
The saddest thing is that he may be carrying gloves and not a ...

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