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Monday, 8 January 2007

Que sera sera

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Catherine Tate

"Pinky-Pinky Ponkey
Father Bought A Donkey
Donkey Died
Father Cried
Pinky-Pinky Ponkey"

When I was six, I played this game with my schoolmates. We would all sit huddled together our fingers majestically stretched out and wherever that song ended, the unfortunate finger would be commanded shut for business. The winner was the smug girl who had the least number of fingers closed. We were happy then. I watched the swallows fly at dusk, joined the Brownies and played lots of skipping. My little-girl dreams were oceans long & racing with the tide.
The only time life did not come up roses was when when my mother ticked me off for not eating my sandwiches during recess and when we had to go pee in what we believed, were haunted toilets with scary chalk scribbles on the walls.
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I dunno, I dunno, I DUNNO, I DUNNO, I DUNNO, dunno, dunno, dunno, I DUNNO....
- the famously-drawn dimwit line of popular British comedian Catherine Tate who wrote and acted in a series of satrical sketches for the BBC.
She also masqueraded as different characters (see immediate picture above.)

"I dunno, dunno, dunno, I DUNNO, I DUNNO..." That's me today...a bungling adult. I don't know where all the swallows and roses went but they are no more.
And the tide may yet engulf me if I close my eyes.
If you ever see my ocean long dream, please bring it back to me.

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