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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Today, I wanted to write you comedy but...

I wonder sometimes that if you let your spirit glide over the slow turbulent ripples from an unfolding time, that life doesn't step in to make you a different human being without consent.
That if you stay open-minded to situations, in spite of obvious mistakes that you don't become a better person from it all. And that the change isn't noticed immediately.

Lately, my spirit seems to have migrated into a new realm of thought and attitude that I myself cannot discern. How it got there to this strange land - metaphorically speaking - I will never know. But the waters are calming when this happens and the heart is busy with listening.

I have learnt a new short phrase that forms no clever quote - which I can never remember anyway at the best of times. Besides, it fills only a fraction of bland philosophy.

I have used it twice of late and on both ocassions, I became a happier person for it.

My little catchphrase which I will carry like a pendant to my heart, is called Never Mind.

When I tell myself Never Mind this or Never Mind that, things happen. A heavy ship bearing my emotional luggage of the moment and tied up with strings of my teardrops, goes out to sea. It holds for its cargo my present worry and so I am free.

When I tell myself Never Mind, the alert subconscious changes the signal of my actions. It urgently manouvers my puzzled intellect onto a new direction and changes the territory to a safer one. I have left the pain.

When I tell myself Never Mind, the roadblocks stay mischieviously on to taunt and haunt but I am suddenly open to newer possibilities with different options. And then excitement can visit easily once again.

I still keep loving.
I still keep caring.
I still keep hoping
And I still keep fretting.

But suddenly, the soul is sweet to slumber in my bed and I no longer lumber with a clumsy gait.

If I can hold on to this simple phrase and use it more often than I dare, indeed my future may look promising.

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