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Saturday, 13 January 2007

I salute you Skint Writer for being a true friend

I feel compelled to say something not by choice but by circumstance. Otherwise, knowing my personality, I would prefer to hold my tongue.

Recently, there was someone who came against me online. I am not angry or annoyed with this person at all because I understand the reasons for this. There was some miscommunication earlier and so this person was simply being protective of a friend. My conclusion is that he just didn't know the boundaries. But today, I'm alright even with that.

I for some strange reason, have the intelligence to understand and accept this very simple logic.
After all, when the world is so full of more pressing issues and an individual's destiny is so short, why do we worry about silly trivial things? So I try never to worry about things like this.

Unfortunately, where there is a harsh element there are wounds.

At the time it happened to me, I urgently needed a kind, gentle & reassuring word of support in blogger-friendship, to get over this wound.

I just needed an understanding word from a blogger friend. Quite a few may have read the offending words. There were 2 other people who showed their empathy in different ways.

I must say that the publisher, poet, writer and artist (yes, he wears quite a few brilliant hats) Derec Jones of Opening Chapter, did this for me in his own style that was subtle, dignified, polite and effective.

His kind words of support and camaraderie in friendship through replying notes with reassurances that I was nothing in the way that I was described & saying too, just the right things in his recognition of me as a true writer and at just the right time, helped me get over my emotional wounds in a few hours. And this even with the difference in time zones..Jones lives in Wales while I am in Malaysia. He made sure that I was really ok.

The next day I was pretty much back to my old self and was able to have a good laugh at it all.

By today, I should have forgotten everything which I'm sure I had.

I'll just say this. If Derec Jones who also blogs as the popular and intriguing Skint Writer, did not come to me in friendship & a patient support at the time when I so needed it, I would not have recovered & had planned to close my blog and just disappear from the scene, about 4 days ago.
He literally saved me from doing this.

It's not always easy to show a real caring and to be just present even in spirit until we know the other person is properly well. Mr. Jones (Skint Writer) and I are not even of the same temperament. We don't know all that much about each other. In this particular circle, most have met and I still haven't met anyone because I'm so far away at present.

But he knew how to be a real friend in the true patient sense of the word. And it is with the gentleness, sensitivity and wisdom that the likes of Derec Jones exercised on that day to help me get back on my feet again, that I consider him to be a real friend and a true gentleman.

I'm sure his family stay very proud of him.

So thank you, Skint. Thank you for being there when I most needed a kind word of understanding and I say this, from the bottom of my heart.

*For clarity, I add that I have been back to my old merry self for a while now & had completely forgotten the issue until today and also to add that I have moved on since some days ago and no longer hold any interest with regards to that unfortunate incident. This post is merely to thank Skint & to demonstrate his quiet but steadfast loyalty to a friendship.

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