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Sunday, 14 January 2007

Always been a bit of a night owl

My goals have whittled down to 2 or 3 clear definitions. My ambitions these 2 years are to be published & to perform on stage in the UK. I have just made the decision, a new place to where my spirit has cajoled me. That would mean in the immediacy, some kind of a short acting course, lots of writing & I would like to perform comedy acts in the theatre that the chances of eggshells being thrown at me are steadily narrowed. But if I'm very lucky too, perhaps a stand-up act in a cabaret where I can hold my own. Besides plays or comedy scripts, I am a reader & writer of serious fiction first of all and my novels and poetry will hopefully reflect my interest in philosophy. My blog will focus on these issues.

I thought my early comedy material should focus on my writing life, the bullies who tormented me from the tender age of 1+ (yes, I have a vivid memory, starting with two ants who were sweethearts but decided on a sticky suicide pact by drowning in my Ribena). Sadly, I swallowed their farewell note. Then there's strange puritannical spinsters who float by in cobweb-by bubbles, where I live. Perhaps, it is Halloween everyday.

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