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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

A Parody (The Fat Lady)


by Susan Abraham

The Fat woman, like a doll from plastic balls

sings and blinks and winks and drinks.

She dances with a pounce and hefty trounce

she tosses up her petticotes...a flabby baby bounce.

She slips over her husband again and again
and slides down him like a cushion in pain.

The fat woman with her collection of rubber moons

will float and swim from chin to skin.

Like water, frenzy in a drowning bladder

making rough wide love with a buxomy shudder.

Sing not and want not while you murmur a gentle croon
and the fat woman will take up your welcoming lusty tune.

Sing not and want not, and monkey up a nasty drunk

and the fat woman will flee you like a puzzled smelly skunk.

Picture from Botero

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