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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Is the clock ticking already?

Is the clock still ticking? Already, it's September 4, 2006.

I thank you, Wandering Author, Steve,Lotus Reads, Atyllah and Sara
for the beautiful, expressive ways each of you reached out to me yesterday to give me encouragement and support for something I really am terrified about and I know that you're representative too of all my friends who have come in steadily from my blogroll to read my writing. I just wanted to say thank you properly and that I truly appreciate the support.

I know that you're all busy people and the fact that you use your time to read me and to write to me makes for a comforting humility.

I view writing to literary agents as akin to getting school injections when I was little. A sharp moment of trepidation. In fact, I am so nervous I have suddenly forgotten my grammar - the its and it's, & also confusing the withs with bys. Prepostions all.

I am afraid of rejections. Of course. Most certainly.

Yet this is the route I have chosen to go with publishing. The most difficult one of all.

I've sent my letters using the email. Perhaps I'll know at a quicker rate what happens. This is the first time I'm pitching my newfound comedy.

Now, when I think about it, even my picture book manuscripts that are currently being read by a British publisher, are filled with satire. Of innocent little girls turning to witches on broomsticks and painting their teeth red...that sort of thing!

Back to the funnies tomorrow & a lot more farce and I'll keep you all informed.

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