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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Light parody! (This poem which I wrote, was published two months ago on an American poetry portal)


by Susan Abraham

"Once before in Petaling Jaya,
I knew a rich round lady
who loved her knockers like they
were newborn babies.
A big fat one here and a lumpy
squishy one there,
was where she hid her ringgit money
in its suffocating lair.
And when in 1997, the Malaysan
recession halted progression
she looked not down but upwards
with a proud and regal frown.
She decided she would part with
her brassieres,
that looked like oddly twisted clowns,
It helped that they were prism colours,
customised, orange, brown.
Otherwise, she'd spank the lot
into a brazen crimson count.
Or create instead, voluptous...
sculptured mounds.
She handsomely sewed them all up
with one nipple for a needle, and
one nipple for a thimble
and then replaced the sore bits
with a couple of grotty pimples.
Her bras were transformed into
handbags...roomy, sporty, wider
and were grabbed for charity
by an unsuspecting flatty
Who stored her silicone
disposals from a chest that
screamed a clever artist con.
Without a new wardrobe, the
fat lady's balloon babies had
no fun.
They struggled and sighed and
mumbled and cried.
Wobbling like jelly on a scary
prison run.
Deflated, tired, dismayed and
She took them all out shopping
and stole a secret tipple."

Picture by Fernando Botero

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