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Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Making A Plan

Just rifling through the stories in my head that need to be sent out in the coming days. Friends called me out to breakfast and I do try to oblige because it isn't just that I love their company but also that I won't always be in Malaysia.

I am already rewriting the story of the litte pink fish that I placed in my entry a few days ago (if you scroll further down). I need to be very careful the kind of publisher I choose to submit this manuscript to, hopefully by week's end. And than well...just try to count the stars in my eyes while I'm waiting.

I also need to look for an agent which having said this, I am certain now, of the kind of personality I'd like to work with. Which I didn't appear to care about at all before. But I've realised it's an important attribute. I do understand the monumental difficulties of getting a literary agent but I believe it is possible. At least, I have to try whatever the outcome.

And to finish another children's story in a few days which has a dangerous deadline tag to it. These are my immediate priorities.

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