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Monday, 7 August 2006


Like a birdling to a seed, I must count my publishing ventures as starting from now, if I want to bask in a renewed energy. In the last years, a fair bit of dishevelment meant I couldn't write what I wanted to write or submit work where I wanted to submit.
Last year, I tried somewhat in London but my heart wasn't in it. Not thoroughly or meticulously in the way that counted. Now I think my past portfolio as a journalist and poet, doesn't matter and all my internet acceptances don't matter. This, mirroring perceptions of my own life.
But I have more confidence now, a richer knowledge and a wider calmness to pursue the kind of writing I've dreamt of, from very young.

I must pretend I'm starting over...have never had anything published ever and then there wouldn't be room for dissatisfaction or dejection. And I can begin again with an open willing heart.

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