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Sunday, 6 August 2006

This Week

This week I have to secure two writing projects, no matter the mood ahead.
My goal is to hopefully, secure a book contract (either picture book or adult) with a traditional publisher by Christmas. How miraculous if I can manage this.
No matter the number I send out, all I need is just one book acceptance.
Once I've managed this, I'd like to go once more to East Africa (a continent I've enjoyed visiting several times) for a familiar and much-missed safari. This is one childhood dream I had turned into reality some years ago when I started to go on African safari expeditions. These wildlife expeditions are in my blood. I love them.
So from what's already in the wings, these are now my tasks:
a) I have to finish my story Kidnap and post it to the childen's publisher in India, in addition to the one she wanted earlier.
b) Also, this children's tale (which I wrote straightaway on my blog) on a will go - together with a 100 prayers - to a publisher in England

Anything else this week is a bonus.

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