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Friday, 28 July 2006

A Lazy Day:

Today, I caught up on some correspondence, watched telly lots and read and read. I'll have to work very hard this weekend.

My intention and no one is pressing me to do this is to try and send the Kidnap story (for older children) in addition to another requested one, to the publisher in India for a reading and an assessment, early next week.
This is possible now that she has given me some extra ground. But to send the added story is my own idea. She is expecting only one.
I am very much a writer who lives life off the edge and I'm quite certain this trait will increase in the coming months.
I am happy to stand on ceremony for most things in life but I have never been able to subject myself to either predictability or conformity as regards my writing. But I do always follow submission guidelines very carefully. Still, there is that extra something and somewhere there is always a little dare.

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