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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

I'm Reading E-Books On The Web

I'll soon be talking about my new adventure, reading e-books seriously on the net. This arises out of necessity. I love the challenge of going back to reading with a new zest and without physical interruption to my present writing on the laptop.

I'm not at all satisfied with my vocabulary and really need to sharpen it.

I've been wanting to return to the classics and to English pastoral poetry for years. I don't think that any scented memory of having first held a Dickens or a Mrs. Gaskell in my hand...that felt then, like toying with a raw diamond each, will ever leave me.

Now, blessed with a technology that works so well for me, I'm ready for new things.

My first choice is to read the novelist and short story writer of daring feminist literature in 19th century American fiction, Katherine Chopin (pictured above). Born in 1851 in St. Louis, Chopin's most popular book was possibly The Awakening (1899), that described the scarlet tale of a woman's sexual freedom in the hands of a puritannical community.

I thought I would try about 10 of Chopin's short stories first. They have delicious titles like The Kiss,The Locket, A Pair of Silk Stockings, The Story of an Hour and Desiree's Baby, amongst others. I thought they would make for an excellent breather when writing got too tired for the mind and I could eagerly scroll these bookmarks.

I'm impatient to read all kinds of things now. I want to rediscover the authors and poets I once knew intimately in my spirit, and seek out many that I don't. Isn't life wonderful with its passionate learning rooms that hold no boundaries to any soul, whatever the moment in time.

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