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Monday 28 January 2008

I gave up drinking coffee just over a month ago, after having downed at least 8 to 10 cups a day, for 25 years. I'm in my 40s now. My addiction started before I turned 20. This turned out to be an accidental resolution as I decided to change my diet to include more fruits, vegetables and fish and very little of junk meals. I thought I'd have a go at letting up on the coffee as well.
It was the same with cigarettes. I was someone you'd call a chimney smoker and then one day, I stopped just like that. It's coming on to 10 years now and I've not yet missed that familiar puff. But you just never know.
It was tough at first with the coffee. My energy levels dropped drastically whereas before I used to feel perky first thing in the morning after a cup. For a fortnight, I suffered a terrible sluggishness that led to a feeling of foreboding and constant nightmares - this apparent even if I dozed for just 10 minutes - but I decided to keep on. Also, my energy levels would only pick up in the evenings. But I knew this was only temporary as my body had gone into shock.
I replaced the coffee with tea and halved that with water and fruit juices. Drinking tea often gave me an optimistic feeling. The benefits I discovered were the following:
All the dark rings under my eyes fled and I was rewarded with a fairer brighter countenance. I looked more vibrant then I had in a long while. And no, the dark rings have not been back since.
My spirit became incredibly calm and still is. I have never felt this encrichment in all my life.
I contemplate each thing carefully and think things through deeply. I don't tend to rush anymore. Before, I spotted a brittle energy and my thoughts often jumped from one anxiety to another.
I am almost always optimistic these days and hardly ever depressed. I have also become mellow when faced with emotional upheavals and am able to let go of things more easily.
I feel strangely peaceful and without the coffee, such a feeling becomes almost tangible to touch and hold. It is never vague.
I do intend to drink coffee eventually but not more than a mug a day, if I can help it. And this, maybe after a few months when I'm properly off it. A dependency on caffeine really was my only vice.