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Monday, 2 February 2009

Chiew-Siah Tei, Scotland based Malaysian Novelist Participates in the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival March 8-18, 2009

by Suzan Abrams

The Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival to be held from March 8-18 2009, has just displayed its new list of participating authors and full programme.

This year the big name author in attendance will be Margaret Atwood. Also, one of the rare times when the Man Booker Winner in this case Aravind Adiga for The White Tiger, does not present an appearance.

You may catch the author list here and the full programme here.

The new Malaysian novelist participating is Scotland-based
Chiew-Siah Te of Little Hut of Leaping Fishes who together with Xujun Eberlein and Neel Chowdhury will talk to Marysia Juszczakiewicz about diaspora writers, the idea of geographical displacement and a possibly redundant homeland. (Saturday March 14, 10.00 to 11.00 at the Fringe Theatre - a ticket costs HK$110 for general booking and HK$85 for priority booking). Title: Dislocated Voices

On March 16 (
12.30pm@the Foreign Correspondents' Club HK$180), Chiew-Siah Tei who is also a billingual Malaysian author, will discuss the trends and consequences to English Language and Literature as an increasing number of non-native speakers worldwide experiement with writing in English. Title: The Latest Trend: Writing in English.

On March 17 (10.00am at the Helena May Blue Room - tickets HK$110) , Chiew-Siah Tei who is also a screenwriter and playwright, once more holds conversation with Marysia Juszczakiewicz as she talks to Janice Lee, author of the popular The Piano Teacher, on the development of strong female characters. Title: The Female Pen. Coffee and tea included.

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