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Monday, 4 August 2008

New author Tao Lin and his Grand Plan

by Suzan Abrams

Matthew Moore writes this extraordinary story in the Daily Telegraph today, on a new author who has decided to promote himself through an incredible fashion.

The enterprising 25-year old Brooklyn-based Tao Lin, who was once poetry editor for a literary magazine and who has also published a collection of stories and two other poetry books, is now offering his first novel, Eeeee Eee Eeee currently ranked at 29,914 in the Amazon sales rankings, up for shares.

It is the quickest way the author can think of, to complete his second novel and to write full time for the next four months, without being committed to obligations or responsibilities of one kind or the other. "Call yourself a producer of my second novel and add more meaning to your life, " he says kindly to the potential investor.

Tao Lin has assured interested parties that a a one-time payment of US$2,000 guarantees a 10% share of the royalties of Tao Lin's still incomplete second novel. Tao Lin predicts in his creative blueprint, that his novel would be expected to sell at least 13,000 copies in America in the next two years. In the light of his plan, investors should be able to turn a profit within 40 months. Tao Lin promises that the shares can be sold on at any time and investors can expect to receive a cheque in the post every six months after publication which has been slated either for late 2009 or early 2010.

In his literary blog listed below, Tao Lin claims to have already lined up five buyers for his six badly-needed shares. He also doesn't discount the possibility of film and reprint rights being included in the grander scheme of things.

Tao Lin also believes that any investor would command adequate interest to help promote his book and this augers well for any added publicity from his presently ingenious idea.

Matthew Moore asks if this could be shameless promotion by any chance. This writer thinks that it's an interesting creative concept to enlist the help of a few who may not otherwise, care about their generous cashflow and want to see a little excitement in life. Here is a writer who sincerely wants to write. It used to be a case of a publisher turning into a corporation but now at last, it's a book. However, it does feel a little like selling one's soul to the devil. Some form of individual liberty is lost.
And yet...such a prospect calls for incredible verve. Tao Lin's presence of mind at meeting this controversial challenge is intriguing.

You may contact Tao Lin through his literary blog listed HERE.

(The link shows Tao Lin's July archives. In his lone post for August, the writer says that his cell phone broke.)

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