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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Tales from the Court and other stories by Matthew Thomas, Published by Silverfish Books, Malaysia

by Suzan Abrams in Dublin

In this book of Malaysian foibles, 62-year old Malaysian lawyer/writer, Matthew Thomas, publishes his first collection of short stories called Tales from the Court and other stories with Silverfish Books Malaysia, , a popular independent book publisher in the country's capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Thomas's stories are part of the Silverfish Books' Malaysian Literature in English series

Its proprietor Raman Krishnan is currently one of the more renowned publishers in South-East Asia, specialising in the higher end of serious fiction including notable plays, poetry and historical literature as well as non-fiction wrapped in their interesting guises as acidic political satire and thought-provoking essays. These, preferably injected with a strong Malaysian slant.

The former engineer and now literary enthusiast's bookshop is situated in a high-brow suburb in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur - think Dublin's Dawson Street/Grafton Street/Temple Bar areas or London's Charing Cross leading into the West End areas as an example of consumer studies - a township that pioneers Malaysia's similar fashionable crowd of serious readers, writers and trend-setters, ready to embrace the old with the new.

As readers will observe from the link, Thomas's advertised short story, reflects a comical snippet for its trailer. Thomas's stories are set in the 1950's an eventful time when Malaysia was still held under the jurisdiction of the British. Malaysia achieved national independence on August 31, 1957.

As Mohamed M Keshavjee writes in his afterword: "In this compendium of short stories, the author, who is a keen student of human foibles, gives us a series of vignettes from the Kuala Lumpur of the 1950s. .... ...The author captures the very essence of their being and their cultures as they play their little games in life, made up of illusions, craftiness, ego, hope and aspirations."

Tales from the Court and other stories by Matthew Thomas will have wide global appeal and I predict will sell easily and quickly if marketed rightly.

The book is currently a steal. At just MR30, that would be just about 5 pounds in british sterling (just an estimate here) or perhaps 6 euros roundabout.
I'd recommend it already as an excellent Christmas gift.
For ordering details, please go HERE.

Potential Markets:

Powerful channels for sales and book reviews, lie in regions with strong legal interest, enthusiasts of the British colonies, enthusiasts of the law, lovers of wry comedy and geographical regions including emigration areas of a professional Malaysian population working and living worldwide. In this vein, not just professionals of the legal fraternity but also the medical fraternity, teaching, army and police personnel. Also, while accepting that the author is South Indian and not Jew, Caucasion or otherwise, regions with a lively Malayalee (Keralite Indians, South India) population. Would also appeal to the Brits in the United Kingdom. Would also appeal to Australians who are long familiar and enjoy British stories or stories during a British era. The vast Malayalee population comprising professionals who live and work in the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia and in the Emirates states especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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