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Friday, 13 June 2008

In Tanzania

Hello everyone or I should say jumbo which is hello in Swahili.
So sorry that I haven't been able to write much; the truth being that I am properly exhausted but happily so.
I have become the quintessential adventurer...able to see myself as such. I am as sunburnt as anything and saunter in the middle of an exotic scene as kindly as if I had been born there.
I mean picture a dusty seaside town with ladies dressed in colourful garb and veils, carrying all sorts of heavy sacks on their heads as calmly as if they were strolling in the park. These agile women also seem to manouvere themselves with great skill as they snake their way through the noisy complicated traffic.
Then there are fruit sellers and only just now, a Masai passed me in his traditional costume, complete with his sword and pole and wearing Gucci sunglasses. He seemed to be in a great hurry. By the way, the Masai are the only people in Tanzania allowed to carry sharp intruments with them in public places. It forms part of their tradition and while they are known to be great warriors; are also a peace-loving tribe and would never intentionally hurt anyone. When you pass a Masai on the street, the greeting is not as other Tanzanians would greet each other which is Karibu meaning welcome and the next person than says Assante meaning thank-you. That makes up for how are you today and I'm fine, thanks.
With a Masai, you say Hero when you see him. You acknowledge his bravery. And the Masai will then graciously salute you as a Hero back. Ahh but the magic of life is so thoughtfully found in the oddest of places.
I'll drop a note tomorrow although this weekend, I'm off to the game parks for my long awaited-safari expedition.

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