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Saturday, 7 June 2008

If anyone is still reading this, it's Saturday evening and I have just arrived in Tanzania. I had spent a day and a half in Dubai, not in the airport but went poking about the city a bit. I won't write too much now until I have thought of a way to put my stories down on paper. I have received some extraordinary inspiration for my writing if that makes any sense. You go to the heartland of a land you already know, you dig deep down into the soil to unearth the heartbeat of its people and then you find their souls ready to meet yours with the same longing and richness of spirit.
I have just checked in at the hotel in Dar-es-Salaam - here the city is called Dar for short - amd found that I had actually reserved an interesting looking loft.
I have also met my guide whose name is Lemington. Lemington removed his African name when he turned Christian. He has a wife called Agnes Mathilda and a son named John after John the Baptist. Lemington is going to ask his wife to cook me a typical African meal and invite me over to taste it. Tomorrow, we will check out the city...I told Lemington that instead of zooming around in a private car, that I wouldn't mind the experience of a colourful bus ride. He will be showing me the markets and I will also want to re-visit the coast and harbourfront. That's for tomorrow - Sunday. More later.
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