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Friday, 30 May 2008

One of the reasons for my slight delay is that I've been tossing things around in my head to see if I can squeeze in one more country besides East Africa if I so dare. I think it can be done. Although I'll be visiting London on my return to Dublin, that doesn't count in the least maybe because of its familiarity. London is like a second home to me. I want to go to a place that offers me the same thrill as Africa but a different continent.


At present, I'm reading Helen Oyeyemi's The Oppposite House. Oyeyemi, a young Nigerian novelist first came to light in London with The Icarus Girl published in 2005. She's also written a couple of plays that have been published by Methuen. She hasn't won awards as such but is heralded as an important writer of new African voices.

I've bought so many books this last week...the other day I almost made off with a translated Hebrew title - nominated for IMPAC - and which I already owned. I remembered this in the nick of time. My bookshelves are in front of my computer as I write and looking at them gives me a warm huggy feeling although they're pretty much cluttered. I'm still trying to figure out what light paperbacks to take in my bag.


I'm travelling light with just one clothes bag. Jeans, tees, a few toiletries and souvenirs. It's always easier to buy what one needs along the way as and when.


There was such a to-do in the garden today. A party of birds making a right flutter, chirruping nine to the dozen. They may have been excited about seeing the proud sun that only flanked its rays for a few minutes. It's been a cold cloudy summer so far.


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