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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Ronnie Wood

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Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones was coming to Waterstone's,Piccadilly, at 6 but the queue had snaked its way out of the store by 2pm. Mostly men. Passers-by and the standstill traffic were amused. It was cold, grey and raining slightly - the classic London drizzle. I forgot to say goodbye to the sun that slided out of the overcast skies yesterday in Dublin. And Ronnie Wood was coming and my favourite cafe on the lower ground floor of Waterstones was gone. Instead, Costa Coffee offered its regal air proclaiming silence instead of the usual noisy clutter I had once loved and cherished like a surprise party. But my Americano was generous and delicious. And the queue got longer and longer while I walked on. That's cause Ronnie Wood was coming, yes he was.

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