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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I'm feeling better now & and am keeping a close watch on my intellect. I am forcing myself to eat more then 1 meal. Yesterday, I managed 2 little meals. Can you imagine that my first meal for the entire week has been at 6 in the evening? And after a few mouthfuls, I would reject the rest of whatever it was. Yesterday, I forced myself to eat simple things without much flavour...cucumber slices, a hardboiled egg, little prawns and a porridge with some fish paste. I stared at the cucumber as if it was a mortal enemy but I managed to swallow everything without feeling uncomfortable and the difference in my vitality was obvious after a few hours. I could move a lot faster and my thoughts seemed more relaxed & not brittle or tensed. All this when you think that I used to love good cuisine at one time. I have lost some weight....but in a nice way. I now am back to the figure I had when I used to take long walks in England. Of course, I musn't lose any more. I am aware of this.

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