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Sunday, 27 May 2007

I didn't book my plane tickets today. Woke up late because I couldn't sleep at night. So I'll do it tomorrow. Would you believe me if I told you I have 4 destinations in mind and cannot figure out where to go first? All 4 will eventually merge together. So I'll play things by ear like I used to do in the past and listen to what the agent recommends. Follow up from there. Terrible woman, aren't I. :-)

I also often go through a time in my life when I am able to write contemporary poetry very well and then for months when I can write nothing at all. Some lines came into my spirit some hours ago. If I were wise, I should shape up my poetry, read lots of good poets and work very carefully to polish the longer pieces. And I will! It's just that everything happens together.

But here are the lines. Let me share them with you. They're for you my friends. Specially for you.

Listen to the soft waters lapping at your spirit.

A drunken toast at heartbeat's end.

Eyes closed to tears in a broken rivulet.

I am the kiss afloat in your ocean of blood.

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