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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Hey everyone, May change the blog. Don't like this blog anymore. But wait. Let me think first. :)

All well now. Meant to come and blog earlier and to visit you all but staying in my friend's backpacker place afforded me so many new experiences immediately after the illness & everyday became widely different from the other. And I haven't even left the country yet. :-). This is a week of plane tickets, packing again and all the usual excitement but I'll tell you when I have reached my new destination. And then you can have a look in your stats.

Because of my real name, people I know and whom I don't quite like, read this blog so I don't want them to know anything until after the deed's done.

I've discovered for me, at this time in my life that even as I attract adventure, adventure has already come to me. The only real setback was the 3-week sickness & right now, the slow return of appetite. And even as I have discovered and appreciated within me a new affinity and gift for friendship, new people are trooping into my life, from different countries.

We are what we attract, I am learning. If intellect can be taught to guard the heart's emotions, we can literally be seduced into getting what we want. But you have to fight for what you want and make constant demands of your subconscious. All the time, I taste something new, I'm thinking of plans I have to put them all down as stories. It's turning into an exciting time for me. But not in a heady dramatic way. Just a steady gradual one. I'll try to relate my experiences a little here and there, but I say, wouldn't it be fun to read all about them in a book.

Tomorrow, I will visit. Promise. My mailbox is full too. I think of all you all the time. Don't want to lose any of you. What kind of a life now shaping up for me? I'd love to but daren't imagine. :-)

much love

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