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Monday, 7 May 2007

Hi everyone. Oh drat! Sorry! I was being silly & naughty like Getzapped said. I've become ill with the flu so haven't been able to move much these last 2 days. That's why I was so grouchy. I couldn't read any of you today but I will visit each of you tomorrow and also answer each of your comments for the entry below, tomorrow. Just know I've read all of them. I've already collected my first traveller's adventure in downtown Kuala Lumpur, in a backpackers owned by my friend. It involves a real ghost. It's not the kind of adventure I'd hoped for. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :-) By the way, Australia is my next destination.
Love you & catch you all on your blogs, tomorrow. I mean, I think the flu's packing right now. But oh dear... the ghost is staying. :-)

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