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Friday, 4 May 2007

Still undecided!

My mind is in such a rush and it seems every interest is determined to claim my time.

These include my earlier philosophy lessons and the reading of the classics. If I don't indulge in any of these 2 things despite all of the thinking and present-day planning, I feel lost and bereft.

My personality is multi-faceted in that maddening exuberant way. No interest wants to shift itself to the side for any one moment. I just need to organize myself in a new way, that's all. Otherwise, I simply feel incomplete and I guess that won't do either. So I still can't write my usual post on what I've been up to simply from a lack of time.

But I'm making plans now to go to either Africa, South India or Australia before England. I almost slipped in to Singapore, then cancelled my tickets. I thought I could see Singapore when on a transit flight later. Remember I said, I would first move locations, give up my wireless and then arrange my tickets to somewhere. This is where I'm at in my life right now.

If I don't get to one of my favourite beaches in good time, I'll just die. :-)

If I go to Australia, then I'll just plant myself on Sydney's wintry coast. I'm a Bondi girl, you know. When in Sydney, I always lived on Bondi Beach, ate fish and chips, browsed in quaint bookshops, waited for the evening markets that sold a celebrated clutter of beads, bracelets & necklaces and made friends on the beach with people who walked their dogs. The doggies are always obliging Can you see what a hippie life I've led? Then we'd slip to one of the cafes on the promenade and laze with wine & sandwiches. Oh my God, what adventures! And yet so much a part of my life once before, I took everything for granted.

In Bondi, I always caught the bus into the city, either into Darling Harbour or one of the department stores. Australia is beautiful, lively & friendly,. It really is. But then so is the inviting Kilamanjaro. Yikes!! More tomorrow :-)

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