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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hi Everyone, I'm so embarassed...really don't know how to tell you but I fell sick again with a fever that perhaps never really went away. Otherwise, I would have posted sooner and not waited for 2 days. Please don't think I'm looking for sympathy. I'm not. Being sick makes me angry and confused because I am not a sickly person generally and don't know how to deal with my own illnesses.

I am now seriously thinking that I should find a way a way to let you all know if in case something happens. Most times, I have a natural vitality & strength but sometimes I feel almost devoid of life and 2 times already...I've lain in bed in the evening, thinking...oh my God...I'm going to go any minute now. But then it didn't happen. But I was calm and aware of a frail mortality. I realised that my destiny - because it is so intense - may be shorter than other peoples'. I mean, that awareness suddenly hit me & its true you know...people with intense lives live shorter periods because they simply burn themselves out. Or maybe now, I am being paranoid although what I said earlier has been scientifically proven. :-)

I'll just have to travel sick because I can't wait for the sickness to go. I do know my destinations now. It's just that people who don't like me know me read this blog and I really don't want any bad energy coming my way. They definitely won't be wishing me well. You know what I mean...so I'd rather no one knew where I was going until I'm there and that's why I said you could then check your stats. But not yet today. The 4 destinations are Australia, East Africa, Nepal & England. England is long-term. The others are shorter. There is a sensible reason for this. I'm going back to professional travel-writing...I mean, I intend this to be my bread-and-butter job but I am also going to try and get my novel published in England once and for all and also somehow have my play staged with a repertory theatre. These are my immediate ambitions.

The door for Nepal opened unexpectedly. I made friends with 2 Himalayan mountain guides who stayed next door to me at the backpackers. They were on their way to Switzerland as the Himalayan climbs only enters its full season now from September to December. Then I made a very good acquaintance of their friend, the owner of a travel agency in Kathmandu. That is all I needed. We discussed the possibility of me doing some Hilmalayan stories and now I must try to get commissioned by a magazine abroad. So this is in the near future.

Thanks for all your comments for the entries below. I've read all. Just that when I'm under the weather, I find it hard to answer individually but I did read you all. :-) I find it difficult at the moment to post an entry and also visit blogs so I'll visit you all tomorrow. So sorry. I was never like this before.

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