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Monday, 9 April 2007

Reuter's latest book news: A message for puzzled wives from award-winning novelist Michael French in this rare guide for men!

Random House, Trade Paperback (368 pages)
Release Date: March 27, 2007.

Words by Susan Abraham

Reuter's latest book news pays homage to Michael French's, new self-help book called, Why Men Fall Out of Love: What Every Woman Needs to Understand.

Interesting vivid details allow this businessman, high-altittude mountain trekker and author of more than 20 works of fiction, young adult fiction, biographies and memoirs to express his passion for having written a first self-help book.

The paperback explains why many men eventually become disillusioned with their marriages and how their puzzled partners may not have a clue. He draws valuable material from his own experience, having married his wife, Patricia for 36 years. 9 men out of 50 agreed to be interviewed. All nodded in unison at having lost their voices (authority) and assertiveness along the way of a predictable domesticity. They appeared discontented and restless.

"You need an annual relationship audit," French told Reuters.

Divorce and drink are created from over-the-top decisions, he added. Self-evaluation is an urgent checklist. Therapy is necessary in the early stages. The gremlins in this case, turn out to be a fading attraction, loss of intimacy, a secret insecurity to mask low self-esteem and a direct need for validation.

According to French, women view their partners and husbands as emotionally self-sufficient when every now and then, a man depends on validation for his masculinity. There are also stories for women; 3 questions she needs to ask him before she becomes emotionally involved.

French said he wrote the book after realising with a friend that there was no such guide. The book has been described as grippingly honest and with a no-holds barred attitude.

Michael French's novel, Abingdon was a bestseller & a Literary Guild Alternate Selection. His young adult novel, Pursuit was awarded the California Young Reader Medal. Michael French divides his time between Santa Barbara and Santa Fe. You may catch Belinda Goldsmith's interview for Reuters here aand the continued piece here

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