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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Wolfden Soap (Continued)


Wolfden (an entertaining blog soap under 15 episodes is created, written & currently made up of weekly contributions for the blogging world at large, by participating bloggers).
The prolific writer, painter and accomplished all-rounder
Wolfbaby stays the moderator & organiser and also manages the entire event.

For readers joining in the first time, here lies the helpful index to past episodes:
Part 1 - Wolfbaby
Part 2 - Cathy
Part 3 - SmallTown RN
Part 4 - Willow Tree
Part 5 - Dr. Rob
Part 6 - JIP
Part 7 - Patient Anonymous
Part 8 - Pamela
Part 9 - Heather
Part 10 - Karmyrn R
Part 11 - The Laundress

Some merry incidents so far.

Mysterious kidnappings. Sudden disappearances. A bogus doctor. Animals popping up from all over.. Or were they hallucinations?
False pregnancies schemed up as the real thing from dramatic cyberspace developments, spun by a couple of bad hats.
JIP & WillowTree who had planned to populate Australia in a bizzare plan and had targetted Wolfden as a guinea pig, worked for Conception Australia and had manipulated incidents to divert the entire group without its consent to Down Under.
Before the upheaval, Wolfden had been created by Wolfbaby as a bar and artistic haven - to paint and write. It was her gift to friends.
Part of the criminals' wicked plan had included infecting females with a virus that flitted in through the email and instantly provoked bogus full-term pregnancies. Wombs suddenly ballooned as if they would explode. The real culprit turned out to be nothing more than floating gas. The plan was later uncovered. Willow Tree confessed to the crime.
Another lady, The Laundress who was at first thought to have been kidnapped, returned mysteriously but fainted with automatic regularity. In the last episode, Dr. Rob thought he may have found a cure for her apparent breakdowns.
The treasured bar & grill continued into a dangerous existence at the hand of a group of medical enthusiasts with their own agenda to take over Wolfden in the name of scientific experimentation. And now the mysterious revelation that Wolfden lay seated on an innovative maritime transport vehicle, fast zooming underwater into an Australian utopia...oh dear. Whatever next?
These of course, had created ecstasy for some and apprehension for others.
Then, there was said to be something wrong with the wheels.
Death was also on the list as the next possible command to reach transcendental peace & the end of the journey.
To add on, there was the possibility of alien abduction.
Where would it all end? Would scientific and technological advancement continue to rocket Wolfden into further chaos? Or would the strange notion of normal life ever return?
Did someone have to take action and fast?

Wolfden Bar & Grill Part 12
by Susan Abraham

*The following episode reveals fictitious personality traits for the real names of participating bloggers and has no bearing to anyone in real time. Any brush with truth is merely coincidental.

The party was in full swing. A surreal celebration in the secret throes of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia! Such had been the mysterious destination.
Jungle Tart blared out a skilled rendition of Brubeck's jazzy Take Five hit. The lively beat echoed around the vast space where through glass windows, one could spot exotic underwater fish gliding about. It was too frightening to be fascinating.
After all such a celebrity seascape would cost the earth to recreate on land.
Atlantis silently sprung to everyone's mind.
The tinkle of glasses and laughter were everywhere.
Moof was even passing canapes around like there was no tomorrow. But was there going to be a tomorrow? That was the big question.
Heather, Mysti and Karmryn lolled about with martinis and attempted a sexy dance, swinging their hips with ease to the lively tune. Whatever happened to Heather's Bible, thought Pamela, wryly. The sensible Pamela with her square bottom, tut-tutted disapprovingly as she pushed her shoulders through the thick crowd...trying to get away from it all.. Could she trust anyone now?
On the one hand she missed the Americas but on the other, this was her perfect escape from domesticity. Didn't she once release the famous quote that she never used her dusters?
The others observed the pretty dancers appreciately.
The devious Aussie, JIP held court with her tragic tale of popular environmentalist Steve Urwin who had been stabbed to death by a stingray right here in the reef.
All the time, she kept staring suspiciously at Wolfbaby. She was certain that those women had been up to something. They had even started to exclude her from conversations. But she wouldn't give up, Not yet. And after,she had been promised a high position in the Australian Government too. No one would ever realise her crimes. They would only see her twisted success.
Pearl and Dreams gave her the cold shoulder and pretended not to care.
Wolfbaby the long-suffering owner who had wrestled desperately for the surival of Wolfden, from cruel invaders, now surveyed the underwater bar & grill, that had stopped cruising mysteriously with more than a little satisfaction. She was determined to get back to land where her husband and babies waited in agony.
Yes, land!
She had changed her mind and no longer wanted to take the crew on to MemeFest 2007. She no longer cared. There had been too much trauma along the way.
Was any sense of modernity worth missing out on the priceless ordinary things in life?
Tears started in her eyes as she remembered Christmas and birthdays. All she had here were her paintings, a couple of canvases, some left-over paints and her friends
The whole place was in tatters. They even had to use the Internet in secret.
Only she, Fallen Angel, Cathy & Susan knew why they had stopped moving. That had to stay an urgent secret for now. They had to think hard of what to do next. Subdue all evil elements and let the good triumph. Return Wolfden to its original haven. Never again be ambitious enough to abandon the ones you love. Thank God, no one had yet got seasick.
Cathy gave Wolfbaby a gentle pat on her shoulders. "Don't worry honey," she wispered confidently into her ear. "We'all get back safe and sound. Just do what I say and keep smiling."
Cathy smiled back and winked. They were all in it together. Susan said something and laughed. If she wasn't half-drunk already as usual. Susan became flirtatious and coy when she was drunk. Right now, she had her eye on the good-looking Dr. Rob. "Who knows what will happen tomorrow," she comforted herself and smiled slyly.
She was impressed that he had seemed to find a cure for The Laundress's fainting episodes. And thank god, those stupid cats he kept on about, turned out to be hallucinations as diagnosed by an impatient Dr. A..
Goodness, what would one medical practitioner do without the other? But one never quite knew with Dr. A.
Later, she would catch Patient Anonymous kissing Dr. Rob in a corner and get a terrible shock.
Fallen Angel looked as she always did these days. Her nerves were on edge. She felt lost and nervous.
The calm Ipanema mulled over the fact that had so much on her plate right now.
Thankfully, no one had found out that she was working undercover for the New York police. They had been eyeing Dr. A, Patient Anonymous & Dr. Rob for a long time now. These illegal scientific experiments had to stop.
Moof was Ipanema's colleague and they had been assigned to follow up on operations, together. Who expected any of these?
All Ipanema had in mind was pretending to proof-read Susan's television play. After all, Ipanema loved her job. She was top-class on statistics & grammar and hated injustices of any kind.
She sighed as she wondered how to make contact with her station.
She too, now eyed Wolfbaby & Cathy suspiciously. They were up to something, that's for sure. They were good sorts. If only she could tell them who she and Moof really were.
It wasn't so much the scientific experiments now as the bigger coup that JIP and Willow tree may have offered with their fatal Internet crimes. They wanted locking up, those two.
But where were the conjoined twins SmalltownRN & QualicumRN?
Unknown to everyone, they were tied up and gagged in a little room - for "just a little while', as Cathy had promised. "And we'll make sure you get your meals, darlings, not to worry." She had smiled brightly and locked the door as the others headed on to the party, wearing their most innocent expressions.
The twins struggled and shifted about angrily but it was useless.
Wolfbaby, Susan, Cathy and a remorseful Fallen Angel had done the honours.
"Shut up, shut up, you two," shouted Wolfbaby earlier when the twins had gone on about broken wheels and death pacts. ''I've had enough. The both of you are staying here in the store until I've figured out what to do with you.' If only i had the evil cunning to throw you lot in the ocean. Wolfbaby felt she had had it up to her eyeballs with those two.
Unknown to the girls, revengeful Willow tree had spied on them in scret. He had seen everything and would use the fools to his great advantage. Hadn't they embarassed and humiliated him over the bogus pregnancy incident and forced him to make a public confession of his internet crimes.
Hadn't they pushed him earlier to embarassing tears in front of everyone?
Now, Conception Australia would be likely to sack him for failing his assignment. He'd be reduced to nothing. A shifting sickening nobody. Of course, he secretly loved JIP his partner in crime and couldn't bear to lose her. They had stopped making love.
She had brushed away his kisses and rewarded him with cold glances everytime, he flashed her a sad smile. He must now try to curry favour, to win her back.
Up to now to show off a pretended remorse, he had played butler to The Laundress, who walked about as if she had lost it.
She forgot things she held in her hand. She communicated no longer by words but by nods. She knew a shocking secret and so she stayed mute. She listened to conversations, as absorbed as a statue but her face stayed devoid of expression and animations. She shuffled instead of walking. She leaned back on her chair and raised her legs up instead of sitting. Thank god, she wore jeans. Food drooled all down her lips. She often lost things as quickly as she found them,
Willow Tree, ordered to pay back heavily for his crimes had been instructed by Wolfbaby to keep a sharp eye on the Laundress. Willow tree planned to poison the Laundress simply that her secret would die with her. She was of no use to him. Of course, it was hard to do this with Dr. Rob always in the way. He may just have to get rid of Dr. Rob as well.
The Laundress stayed an interesting subject to the doctor and he had promised Cathy - whom he cared about deeply - that he would think of something.
Now as Jungle Tart was about to take a break from her clarinet-playing, Willow tree pushed the dazed Laundress aside and ran to grab a mike. "Everybody listen," he yelled. "Look murderers, murderers." The laughter and noise died instantly. He pointed towards the direction of a startled Wolfbaby & Cathy. Susan was drunk and ignored the ruckus.
"Oh shut up, you asshole," shouted dr. A. 'Well you old fart, if you're so smart, where do you think your assistants the twins are right now? Did it never occur to you that while you're living it up, your pretty things could be suffocating slowly to death in a small dark room?"
Willow Tree had everyone's attention now and was clearly enjoying himself.
'And if they're dead right now, guess who killed them?' Those wicked women did. They're evil, I tell you. Plain evil. And I saw them. I saw them!"
Everyone turned to stare with shocked faces at Wolfbaby, Cathy, Susan & Fallen Angel.
And yet, there was nowhere for these good women to escape. Nowhere to run at all. They stood rooted to the spot and waited for what seemed like an eternity.
JIP with a slow smile on her face walked up to Willow Tree.
"Well done, darling" and she kissed him on the lips. She then removed the mike from his hand and turned back to glare at the women. Her eyes were icy! Wolfbaby thought of her husband and babies and realised with a deep pain that she may be killed in a few minutes and would never see them again. She burst into tears.
(to be continued)
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