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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Sunday Scribblings

My writing inspirations are made up from a concoction of the following:
my love for the written word, good literature and books.
a powerful imagination that doesn't stop playing.
a dream of wanting to see my play staged in the UK.
south-asian novelists who beat the odds to have their novels published worldwide.
authors who maintain a certain mystic and intrigue about themselves.
colourful international cultures and its people who provoke me inwardly to tell their stories. I see stories in almost everyone.

some special friends who are serious writers who live and breathe the word, & who are on my blogroll.I am always pleased as punch if they like something I have written or are able to see deeply into my stories with ease. Such situations inspire me very easily. Actually, friendships and being surrounded by friends inspire me in a big way. It feels like sunlight on my shoulders.)

People watching in cafes, alternative music & new wave. Good conversation with other writers about books and the craft.

The rain & the ocean. There is something magical about rains & seasides.
Cold weather places and winter.

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