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Friday, 16 March 2007

I am your mermaid

susan abraham

I am your mermaid adoring of you,
I swim up a win,
this splash of fin,
my tide of honeyed dew.

I watch the cherubs play on a cold and sunny day,
your beautiful face,
a shelled-up gaze,
now glazed and flown away.

I see the mirrored sea,
they rise in your eyes,
the sand in your hand,
the locked land shunning me.

Goodbye my angel of sweetness and light,
The morning calls, and
my star glints sparkly and bright.

I am your mermaid adoring of you,
A memory fades but I
fawn on by, your

swan in the silvered dawn.

(May this ancient date not ever drown, the
horizon, which
carries and ferries

my woes,
it knows...
and shows...
of how I once loved you.)

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