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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Desperation made me reach those 23,000 words in 2 weeks.

I could have written more if I hadn't been partially distracted.

I suppose after a long time of not writing anything, the craft feels totally psychedelic to me. I want to write all the time. And if I were disciplined, I could produce a lot more work that reflects who I am today. Which isn't at all the same person I was yesterday. I am so desperate to discover the newness of myself and to mirror slices of this attribute in my stories.

They say if you publish a first novel, it's always easiest to do it in the first person. But mine is happily being written in the third person.

I feel so much for the female protaganist in Nomadic Madness. I think whenever I write anything as he said...or she said... as a reader I immediately feel a surreal distance and in the light of an overpowering emotion, as a reader I long to go over and comfort the character but cannot because he or she gives a mental assumption of being out-of-reach. Which tugs the reader's heartstrings even more. If I wrote in the first person, (I), then as a reader, I would feel the character was already close.

For me, the implication of a lingering semi-tragic sadness is stronger with he said... she said...

With sisterly affection, I long to close this character in my arms. I think no matter what happens, I must make sure she's alright in the end.

When destiny waved a courageous dare for the inspiration of 2 writing projects in front of me last month, the play and the novel, I thought, what-on-earth... But now, how easy it is to escape one refuge for another.

I've learnt that there is a reason for everything. :-)

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