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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

A Deep Down Dirty Meme

It's pointless saying not to tag me ever, is it... :-)

Tagged by Atyllah for a Deep Down Dirty Meme, created by the ravishing Julia Buckley.

Not tagging anyone. So if you'd like a go, just let me know in the comment box and I'll happily slot your name in.

Jeffy, I'll do yours in a day or 2. Oh heavens...

1. Biggest Fear: Going blind.

2. Most meglomanical ambition: To someday buy a yacht and fill it with parties, good films, music and books!

3.When you're talking to your boss, you're usually thinking about: I don't have a boss anymore but when I did hold a day job, the editor in question was very sexy and so, I always thought about sex.

4.Most disgusting habit: Being openly precocious and making eyes at handsome men in public!

5. Criteria for judging other people: Loyalty in friendship. Sincerity. Honesty. Forthrightness. And on first impressions, picking up straightaway what I can of an engaging personality and excellent articulation. On physical attractions: I love a sensual voice or expression.

6. How do you measure up? I no longer care.

7. What do you think when you see a fat person eating fast food? Immense pity but still it's their choice and I respect that.

8. How about when you see a thin person smoking? Temptation. I think of me in a pub with music, friends, good conversation and a draft, having a smoke. I've stopped for 8 1/2 years now but have to fight the urge everyday not to go back to it.

9. When you meet someone of the same gender who's more attractive than you, inside you think: Admiration but instantly curious about their abilities & personality, the lack of these which may tempt dismissal.

10. When you meet someone of the opposite gender who's less attractive than you, inside you think:
If attractive here means the charismatic-personality package, and the term is less, then you won't find me sticking around more than 5 minutes, through any form of communication except by way of necessity or through an inate love made up of pure compassion.

11. The last lie you told was: "I swear I didn't hear the phone ring..."

12. Tell us about the time you read someone's diary/ hacked into their emails/went through their stuff: I don't do things like these. Don't know about the future but all these years, I just can't.

13. You know that person you're secretly jealous of - and there's a part of you that you can't quite supress, that wishes they would, just for once, get to taste a bit of your luck. Tell us what you hate about them - go on, let it all out.

Honestly, I can't relate to jealousy at this moment. Maybe the words a slight envy or enemy would have been more applicable for me. And also, I'm not having bad luck at the moment. Or if I do, I have come out of it now.
If it was someone I preferred to stay away from, I wouldn't want them to be in my shoes as I've had lots of good times. What I hate about their attributes would be indulging in slander and nasty gossip on the sly. But I wouldn't hate them as people. No, I wouldn't. And yes, that's about right.

14. The most expensive thing I've ever stolen was: Unfortunately, I don't have the nerve. My fantasy is to have been involved in a diamond heist - the stuff thrillers are made of!

15. Even though all this is true, you're still a really good person because... I always try to be gracious and polite even if I feel the other person doesn't deserve it. I'm stupidly kind and caring & nurse a stricken Christian conscience that watches over my nymphomaniacal tendencies like a zealous bodyguard.
Susan, you dirty, horny thing!
You deserve a good smacking, you do!
Get that whip out, Christ! :-)

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