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Monday, 12 February 2007

Updates - Rough Observations

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Still no intense feeling for my stage play.
But I do inwardly treasure it.
Hoping to complete it by the end of the first week of March.
Have to hand-carry my play to the UK and either post the manuscript to theatres or approach them from there.
From my research, a playwright wanting to stage in England has to be present in the country from the outset.
I'm sure there are a few exceptions to the rule but I'd rather not wait around.
This is not so for novel-writing. You can post your material from any part of the world.
Playwriting commands a different technical science.
If you're writing an ethnic play or one with a multi-cultural theme then in festivals, you are categorised differently and it's acceptable to send your play from another country.
But mine has a British cast so I'm on the tougher playing field.

I'm also getting words & lines at the very same time as I write the play for something that would more suit the novella/novel. I've decided to attempt this as well. I may regret forever if I let it go. As a magazine journalist, I was used to completing 2 or 3 assignments at a time and always gave each one my best shot. A novella contains roundabout 50,000 words, a novel at least 90,000.

I admit to feeling guilty about my play when words came for the novel but I just hope to push these emotions aside and carry on with what I can, for the moment.

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