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Sunday, 11 February 2007

The kind of Asian writer I am

Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love who gave birth to Eros & is called Venus de Milo.

I am an Asian writer, who should be writing about politically-correct multcultural themes like the majority of Asian writers do.
If I know what's good for me.

In Malaysia, not from a goverment whom I adore but from a few influences who want so much to be a part of an author's life..and with voices that boom louder than a thunderstorm who try to rule writers, who dictate what should be written and what should not...
that is acceptable, respectable, patriotic, clever...

The bottom line is that a Malaysian writer should write on Malaysian themes or focus on the Malaysian novel.

Write about rubber trees they say, and not the coniferous ones you may have seen in Zimbabwe.
Write about a buffalo in a paddy field in a kampong and not a cow grazing in a New Zealand farmland.
Write about the muddy jungle rivers and not a Polynesian blowhole (ie. a small fountain)
I don't know...write about this...write about that...
Many writers excel in the power of this subject too.

Sadly, I'm not one of them.

I also differ from the average Asian writer that I hold no inclination towards religious ritual, superstition or ancient Asian folklore.

I prefer to follow a New Age dimension and reflect on the alternative view to things.
Is that wrong?

I also prefer to write sensual literary fiction in a universal context.

If a publisher or editor mentioned the word e-x-o-t-i-c, I may think the
interested party meant e-r-o-t-i-c. And if the person added on the word s-p-i-c-e, I may just think he/she mouthed, s-e-x.
So if someone wanted me to write something exotic with me being Asian and all, I would think the person wanted me to write about sex on a metaphysical or unattainable level perhaps...
Well, I daresay I could aspire to that with my limited vocabulary.

But surely, no frangipani flowers, coconut trees or ancient junk ships bobbing on the ocean...
The kind of philosophy I engage in as a writer, is not Eastern history.
But a helping hand from Eros, a splendid Greek mythology.

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