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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Meme for Getzapped

I really don't like having to do memes and I doubt anyone is interested but I'll manage this because it's for you, Getzapped.

6 weird things about me. But there isn't any. I've become such a bore. :-)

a) I still have no fear of the unknown and have in the past, travelled to distant places in the world's outback on my own. These experiences stopped me from blending into uniformity. I shall most likely never follow a crowd.

b) I don't believe in monogamy.

c) Routine kills me. So do superficial people, shallow subjects and indoor board games except for jigsaw puzzles.

d) I hide all my good deeds and charitable acts deliberately from the world. I don't talk about what I do or what I've done to help others. I just don't say. I don't believe it's right for me to do that.

e) At night, I write on the laptop where it's pitch black with all the lights switched off. I find it hard to write in a lighted room! People have warned me of an impending blindness but it's something I haven't yet thought about.

f) I carry a little bottle of pepper in my bag everywhere I go. Just in case, I don't find food tasty enough. Then out comes a generous lashing of pepper. I splash pepper on all kinds of foods. This also accounted for my tummy troubles where a doctor said I would require surgery if I didn't stop the pepper-carrying nonsense!

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