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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Just Thoughts

I shy away from abrupt endings.

They pound at my heart like impatient trespassers. They trundle about on the walls on my passion. They demand intrusion to haunt the soul.

Yet, sudden farewells ready to beseige and nettle the loved and the lover, have dogged my quiet uneventful life like a persistent shadow.

I talk of the living and not of the dead, of the vanished and not the vanquished.
I talk of the apprentice on his road less-travelled and not of the ressurected at journey's end.
I do not write of missing friends, all of whom I mourn with a wistful contentment
I write not of those who grace another's destiny with the tip-toed pace of a child either loud or silent, leaving in that soul's lifetime, a souvenir of harsh mirrored images, a blessing or a curse.

Perhaps then from one to the other...from a stranger's silent gaze to a friend, there may be conceived in photo albums and stored in the undisclosed attics of the mind, a clandestine story manufactured into a startled memory, an invisible vision rushing past or a feeling pregnant with remembered love.

Perhaps too, I think of a lifelong friendship imprisoned in familiarity and intrigue, or acquaintances of the past or present or of the close and distant.

That one may be known briefly to another, through a dog-eared picture, the brush of cold hands and fingers turned warm. Through a kiss, a restaurant gaze, a celebrity greeting, a toddler's grin or the slosh of strangers' boots carrying lamplights for your blindness on a night so black, you could cut it with a knife.

Acquaintances remembered then once more lost again. Abrupt endings, all.

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