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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Today. Thinking & research. Thinking & research.
Still writing my children's television script.
Did some research on repertory theatres in the UK on where I could submit my play as soon as I've finished writing it.

But most of all...
found the courses for stand-up comedy acts
and my heart started to beat furiously.
They're affordable in the UK...much cheaper than writing courses or retreats.
Suddenly, my pipedream is staring me in the face.
Do I have a nerve? I won't know till I find out.
Even if I don't perform, I guess I'll always be able to hold a decent conversation at parties.
But I want to perform. Want to write and perform.
Old loves. How they come to visit you like ghostly figures sailing past...like ships anchoring in the night.
You hear your name being called from a sugared past. You swing around and like grinning faithful shadows, they're suddenly there!

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