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Saturday, 30 December 2006


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Perhaps this coming year would secretly claim its desire to develop me intellectually as a thinking writer. To let my dreams wade out to sea with a bucketful of oysters on its shoulder, and to recreate the prospect of a literary treasure hunt; once nothing but a trounced-up dream.

As such, this dreamy feast would serve as my resolutions:

Something I've always wanted to do is to read the classical Icelandic sagas & with vast texts now available online, I can.

I would like to reflect and study on the basics of philosophy with a deeper intent.

I would also like to return to captivating British classics with a careless abandonement as if they were kindly friends discovered still hiding in my pockets after all this time.

There is so much delightful fiction on blogs. I'd love to give this a go. My first new discovery for 2007 is the delicious prospect of scrolling down
The Chronicles of Seriphyn Knight.

And the usual modern contemporary fiction & poetry. Of course, of course.

That sort of settles my reading.

And my writing. It's all been said before. A stage play, my poetry & a publishing contract.

if I so very very dare to, I could & am contemplating taking up acting classess so that I could perform my own comedy scripts live. I have acted in a couple of plays, courtesy of the Liberal Arts Society that were once staged at the British Council in Kuala Lumpur but did not pursue this interest.

I'm really eager to attempt this as I stay very much the satrist. And I feel, performing comedy or acting in a stage play in the UK or Australia, - where I'm very much at home - would keep me properly rooted to the ground. Oh..but to be so brazen as to do this. At the moment, a pipe dream & a real challenge. But possible.

On the whole, my prayer is simply to say, how good it is to feel alive. It really is.

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