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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

To-do, to-do & how do you do & toodle-oo

My to-do list which is a very tall to-do list but one that fills me with exhilaration.
And I've been naughty.
My resolutions start again in February. Or January 25.
Thank God, there's always February and January 25.

a) My entries for the Skint Writer competition (please see sidebar).
b) My novel manuscript for a publisher.
c) And perhaps to think of a way on how I can market my collection of comic fiction in the UK.
d) To look up a comedy/acting school for a course in the UK so I can act comedy in theatre and later, to do stand-up comedy acts in a cabaret in the UK. or in resorts by the sea.
I want to train for this.
e) To finish my play and have it produced in a theatre in the UK.
f) And as always, I want to turn to the reading of philosophy & the old world classics (literature) that I may grow with greater clarity and depth as a writer & individual. I'm still reading Alessandro Manzoni (please see sidebar).

My blog stays a friendly, cluttered diary to all these things.

In primary school during sports, we were divided into different house teams: red, yellow, green & blue. The assortment of our monkey faces followed the unfortunate colour.
Here is my affectionate childhood anthem...

Red red, knock your head.
Green green spit your skin.
Blue blue broken shoe.
Yellow yellow dirty fellow.

If someone told a lie:

Kutchie-rat, kutchie-rat
Die die and eat your lie
Your mother married a Sakai
In the middle of July.

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