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Thursday, 28 December 2006

I am a Woodstock baby

The internet is very bad where I am.
My own email accounts - I am told because they are UK sites - are worst of all.
Unfortunately, I am one of the unlucky ones. A cable cracked under the sea and I know that the server my laptop was attached to, was badly affected.
I try to read Skint Writer and I keep getting Saaleha.
When I re-enter my own blog, I find myself on BBC online.
Sites take forever to open.
I have read all your comments but am unable this time round, to reply each one individually.
I hope and will try my best to catch up on all your missed posts this Sunday.
However, I have finally (after a long compromised lull because of conflicting personal issues) made the decision to leave Malaysia this end-January. It would herald the start of new beginnings.
So at the moment, I am making plans and trying to get myself organised.
I really want to concentrate on my writing as an artist and to give this complex passion the attention it deserves and I need to be in a conducive environment So I will leave Malaysia to grow as a writer as my personality and philosophies are constantly evolving.
In England and Australia, I don't have these kind of problems that hamper my work.
Besides, I was never good in any kind of a parochial community.
Each day needs to be different for me. I shun routine
At the end of the day, I am simply a child of the universe.
My focus has always been in my dreams and ambitions.
My writings and I have merged together and become one and I feel I have a duty to be protective of my art especially as I am given a second chance to write once more. And also to be protective of my own self-evolvement.
I have decided to leave my entire past behind and just start over - me and my writing journey.
So right now am making plans to travel.
Finish my children's telly script in these next 3 days.
Catch up on all your blog posts this Sunday because you are my friends and I love you.
Carry on writing my stage play even as I make plans to travel.
Get a publishing contract or a theatre contract & also to publish my poetry that says everything about me.
This for practical reasons, once I am abroad.
As soon as I get a professional writing contract for any of the above, i shall open a professional website. Right now, everything's all over the place and also I believe, such a resolution serves my fulfillment as a writer to imbue it with deeper and richer objectives.
Now, it's touch and go, if this post gets up on my blog at all.

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