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Friday, 1 December 2006

Notes (5) On writing my play (full-length)

3 characters now. Sophie married to Vincent, & Julian.

A 4th female/male (not sure) character as a walk-in part : theatrical, flamboyant, verbose,
Kills monotony & splashes sudden colour into the play. Timing for twists or lively melodrama, breaking away from the serious.
2 or 3 flashback scenes to the outdoors when a young Sophie & Julian were together.

Scene opens: Soft opera in the background. All seated round a table with drinks. A drinks cabinet. Definitely. Heavy dark curtains. An odd mysterious painting.
A drawing room probably. Best place. Armchairs - chintz.
Moods: Agitated, restless, nervous,
Expressions; dagger-sharp & furtive related to different individuals.

Sophie: mid 30's. Quiet brunette. Not maternal. Pale-coloured dress. Not fussy. Wears an armband. That stays the sriking thing. Somewhat girlish still - to depict the aura of a fading romance amongst the characters.
Nothing else striking except for a slight whimsical beauty. Often nervous. Tries to calm the others. Fails. Doesn't come into her own as a beauty. Not even when she finally gets angry, bangs tables and one point, threatens to throw a chair. But she was engaged to Julian at 20. And now holds a secret that could destroy lives.

Married to:

Vincent: early 50's. Not physically handsome. But spots a distinct attractiveness, decrying itself from different subtleties. Tall, burly, bearded (creates an image of false intimidation) Quiet, calm, but dangerous when awakened. Clearly disturbed by Julian's presence. Tries not to show it. Worries he may lose Sophie. Has a penchant for a certain opera singer & this shows up in the play. Knows Sophie's dangerous secret. She thinks he doesn't know.

Julian: Mid-thirties: A physically handsome man. Clean-shaven! Stylish. Cold, cynical, bitter. Sophie was the love of his life. The way she broke the engagement was never justified in his eyes. Now he returns after 15 years for a terrifying payback.
Julian's eccentric habit. Perhaps , a tendency to brush dust off his shoulder...something like that (not so sure). But if at points when he paces up and down the room, angrily and with a whiskey glass in his hand, and has a tendency to stop and brush the dust off his shoulder, then that habit becomes pronounced. Interesting thought.

(There may be a murder or simply an attempt.)

For the first time in 15 years all meet.
There is speculation, suspense & a melodramatic effect that something really bad & unexpected is going to happen. Will it?

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