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Friday, 1 December 2006

Notes (4) On writing my play

Wasn't able to do any playwriting this morning. Tomorrow I'll get up early to write.
I'm pleased as punch.
Recalled forgotten scribbled scenes from an unfinished manuscript.
I somehow retrieved from a cobwebby mind, a precious liner for my character Julian, to whom my dialogue was inspired by all the Iris Murdoch novels, I eagerly devoured at the time.
I wonder if more furious frowning wouldn't encourage other older lines to pop out.
Three characters sitting round a table with steely eyes and having the most blazing row.
Julian being very cold.
As it turns out, he was the love & Nirvanish light for a lady who married someone else. Now she looked anxious, and playacted the defacto peacemaker, ready to placate fury.
There were secrets.
The couple sat facing Julian. They weighed a couple of insurmountable issues all of which upheld the silent scene from where Julian wielded his calculated power with dexterity.
And I think I planned to kill one character. A tragedy. Yes...and I remember my colleagues at the office, being upset at that stage murder.
What then bounced in my head? No wonder, Julian was pacing up and down the room with a whiskey glass in his hand.
I don't think it was a one-act play at all that I was writing, but a full-length one.

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