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Wednesday, 13 December 2006

A new scene for me

No more moping & whining for me.
No more unleashed sorrow.
The ride of pain is too long.
I may miss the flyways, the green light signal.
Stopping always at a roadblock.
So someone scold me please, if I do this again.
I'm not a bitter, cynical soul and don't want to start now.
I must stride on to a rainbow, however idealistic that may sound.
I want to finish my dinner party play.
Collect my poetry for a chapbook before it eludes me
as it did once before and then it would be some years
before the poetry returned.
(So a poetry chapbook then which is easy because I already have several poems.)
And get myself a book contract - whether it's adult fiction or non-fiction, or children's, it doesn't matter.)
And if I can manage these 3 things,
the theatre, my poetry and a book - adult's or children's)
I should be feeling pretty pleased.
My resolutions for next year.
And also,
I'd like to study philosophy which I'd been mulling on for a long while now
and return properly to the classics and literature - my life belts.
And then my world will shine like a mirror again.
Yes, it will shine.

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