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Monday, 11 December 2006

I'm back now

I am not able to open my own comment box to write in it (which stays welcoming of Blogger) so thank you Rockdog, Jason, Steve, Lehane, Sam, Katie, Skint Writer, Getzapped, Jeff, Stephen, Anna, Steven, Ela, Ruby, Rethabile, Sara, Wolfbaby, Nothingman, Rhyanne, Confucious, Saaleha, Yioeng, Jude, My Backyard, Brandon, Addy, Nicky & Minx. And also Shakir of Crimson Flaw.
I delight in the presence of you all.
I needed time to heal from something bad that hurt me. I don't know if that healing ever happened to be honest, but my head is clearer. now and there is peace.
Please be patient with me.. I have to catch up very slowly, especially with the fiction blogs. If I haven't yet come round to visit, then do give me 2 or 3 days to read all of your previous posts which I've so missed. I'm only just able to read a few today.
My friends, I hope you've been well.

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