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Thursday, 10 August 2006

My solitary writing adventure

I seem to have a refreshed energy about me. Truly, I am able to look at my writing in a new light with very little of the old displaced baggage trailing along. How I managed this, I will never know.

One indication is that I find the prospect of looking for a literary agent - (this time knowing exactly what my needs are, as a writer) exciting and slightly enthusiastic. I find the idea an interesting adventure. I didn't ever feel this way before, when it was often considered to be a mental chore. This because my mind was engaged in other things, brought about by heavy circumstance and not choice. Thankfully, that's all over now.

Still today, I didn't have a chance to research once more the kind of agent I need to contact but I worked on my pink fish children's story and am almost ready to send it off. And the future feels good. That's all I can say, right now.

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