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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Bad Day Yesterday
Yesterday had to be a day when it was raining in my heart. Nothing went right but almost everything went wrong. Plus, I had a small piece of bad news out of the ordinary.
My mood commanded the sure feeling of melancholy.
I did no writing but just watched old black-and-whites. It was one of those days when enthusiasm fled like a tailwind.
Today, I sent my children's stories off to London.
I also tried to post my favourite links on this blog but had to stop as I accidentally fiddled with the template codes and lost the whole thing. Thankfully, I had a back-up for the basic format. Still, I had to fill in all the other details. Otherwise, there'd be no more green banner...no bird brooding in its nest, nothing...
So I've left the links for a little later.
Hopefully, I can get back to my writing and correspondence tomorrow with no more interruptions. I have so much work to do but I'll talk about this later. Thank you for stopping by.

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