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Tuesday 30 December 2008

The rise and rise of Iranian literature

December 30, 2008

by Suzan Abrams

Persian: 25 delightful stories from a children's book titled “Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Stories for the Nights of the Year” and this, authored by Iranian writer Mojgan Sheikhi, is to be published in both the Turkish and English Languages by Turkish publishing company, Timas, in the near future. Several stories from the book have also been chosen for a children 's programme called Good-Night Children which will soon be aired over Tehran's IRIB Channel 2.

In addition, Hamedan's local television station will also produce animated films from Sheikhi's stories in the same book.

Sheikhi has published and translated over 80 books in total. These include The Cow of No Colour, The Golden-Beak Nightingale, Looking for Bahareh, Tails Shop and Small Stories for Small People.

Pictured here is one of her picture books The Little Bat and Another Tale (Ofoq Publications). The plot revolves around a baby bat who is terrified of falling from up high, if he dares sleep upside down. To resolve the problem, the little bat sets off on an adventure. He asks a little bird and a great fish for help.

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